I'm Matheus Gomes, a graphic designer and art director currently in São Paulo, Brazil. My services include brand strategy and development, brand communication (mockups, application, and signage), identity and brand consulting, visual identity (branding guidelines), typography, stationery, editorial design (books and magazines), packaging, art direction for photography, interface and application design (structure, layout, and design).

Clients I have worked with so far include Piars School, Semínima Bar, Santo Ulisses, Fazer Consultoria, Jidaigeki Household Goods, Bethbetinha Ateliê & Co., NEPEMM, Catuo Choco Factory & Co., Has5™, YouTube, Ipiranga, Redley, VIVO, Melissa, Multishow channel, and Café Formiga.

For inquiries, contact me at mvgcontato@gmail.com
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